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TVT signs 2020 deal with UKTV

London, 01 October, 2015 – TVT, the leading independent media services and post-production house, today announces that it has extended its contract with UKTV and will be providing media management services to the broadcaster until 2020. TVTs end-to-end services will ensure the highest quality video is delivered across all 11 of UKTV consumer brands, including Dave, Gold, Really, Good Food, Alibi, Yesterday and UKTVPlay (UKTVs on demand TV platform).


The new agreement is based on a 5-year relationship with UKTV and will see TVT deliver a complete media management service for the broadcaster. Starting with ingest, through to Quality Control checks and corrections, compliance viewing and editing, transcoding, delivery and archiving, TVTs expert team and ContentSelect SaaS platform will ensure all UKTV content is edited, packaged and delivered on time, to the correct specifications and in the highest quality possible. ContentSelect, TVTs secure, cloud-based content management and workflow software, will also provide UKTV with a real-time view of the status of all assets along the workflow chain, via a simple to use dashboard. This will give UKTV’s Operations department complete tracking of all programmes throughout the whole media management process. ContentSelect will also be used to provide early views of master assets for UKTV in house and for 3rd party creative teams working on promo production.


We are delighted to have extended our contract with TVT for the next five years, as we really rely on the media management services they provide us, said Sinead Greenaway, Director of Operations and Technology, UKTV. Not only do TVT ensure that all of our content is processed and delivered efficiently, completed to the highest possible standard and with the utmost care – but working with them has helped us streamline our operations. We look forward to continuing our working relationship, ensuring our viewers get the very best content.


TVT will also provide a number of value added services to the broadcaster. Voice-overs will be arranged by TVT to anglicise audio where required, with all editing and recording taking place at TVTs Chiswick facilities.  Fast turnarounds will be provided by TVT for both regular weekly and special shows, when content needs to be broadcast within hours from receipt at TVT, or shortly after original production. Furthermore, TVT will make the entire broadcast archive available for permissioned users to view via a branded portal app, giving UKTV management a secure portable library, accessible on mobiles and tablets anywhere.


In todays media industry, content must be suitable from a technical, editorial and cultural perspective which means broadcasters need trusted and efficient media operations and partners with flexible workflow processes. Our ContentSelect platform has been designed with this in mind, giving customers like UKTV the necessary tools they need to efficiently run their content – allowing them to focus on the creative and commercial while we do all the heavy lifting, said Ian Brotherston, CEO of TVT. We are excited to have signed a new five year contract with UKTV, providing one of the UKs largest television companies with the full range of our media management services.


Tedial Evolution takes center stage in Vienna at FIAT/IFTA 2015

Malaga, Spain – 30th September, 2015Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, is showcasing its award-winning enhanced Media IT platform Tedial™ Evolution, at the FIAT/IFTA 2015 World Conference in Vienna. The event, which takes place from 7th to 10th October 2015, provides an international forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience between its members to promote the study of topics relevant to the development and use of audio visual archives and libraries.


Tedial™ Evolution, winner of TVB Europe’s IBC 2015 Best of Show Award and IABM’s Game Changer Award at NAB 2015, enables multi-site, multi-platform delivery, media business reporting and much more, providing international broadcasters and global media companies with next-generation Media IT tools. Tedial™ Evolution significantly extends MAM functionality providing new services to surf/explore archives and improved integration between archive and workflow engines to reinforce a collaborative environment.


“Smart media professionals around the globe are now demanding more benefits from the business of media management,” explains Esther Mesas, Tedial’s Chief Operations Officer. “They realize that the MAM of today needs to be so much more than the simple library and associated task menu of yesterday and that perfect media management requires exceptionally well-integrated IT architecture. Smart Media professionals want a MAM that applies IT technology to broadcast and media, maximizing the capabilities of their modern facilities. FIAT/IFTA is a very important platform for Tedial and we look forward to explaining how Tedial™ Evolution can assist broadcasters and global media companies with their archive and preservation requirements.”


Discover the new features of Tedial™ Evolution at FIAT/IFTA 2015



Tedial™ Evolution offers a completely new user experience designed to speed both manual and automated workflows. Built on Tedial’s solid, tried and trusted MAM platform, the new HTML5 user interface keeps frequently used tools on the screen for improved performance. True multiscreen (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and multi-platform (IOS, Android, Windows, etc.) operations allow users to manage tasks, validate media or monitor workflows status from mobile devices. The interface is fully customizable for individual preferences or work assignments, including different metadata views and screen configurations, with an integrated activity monitor and unified view of archives, workflows and business processes. The new interface also features a configurable ”logging” board with shortcuts for actions and actors, specially designed for sports and live events. Inside the User interface is an improved media player with audio waveforms, thumbnails and locators displayed in the timeline.


NEW Search/Indexing Engine

The Search/Indexing engine has been extended to organize/search collections and other object related entities, enable the indexing of very large databases via shared indexes, and to automatically tag descriptive metadata based on scoring of texts using stop words. The system now autocompletes user keyword inputs and generates suggestions for every entry as it is typed. It offers new methods to surf the MAM through “departments” using an “Amazon.com style” facets category and/or group entities. The system can also auto-tag, relating assets based on most relevant tags.


True Object Relational Database

Harnessing the power of a true Object Relational Database, a new set of tools provides a service to manage group entities, a multi-level classification schema (collections, albums, series, projects, rights, delivery packages, etc.) based on dynamic, changing relations. Employing the power of a real Object Relational Database, entities are logged as assets, which can now be a repository for all shared information. Assets are categorized as members of multiple entities, according to the user’s needs.


Expanded Mediaset

All information related to an asset can be explored from the Mediaset view including metadata, media files, attached documents, logical versions, processing or delivery orders. Moreover, related assets (physical versions, promos, parts) and entities can be explored from the original master asset wherever they are located or associated. As part of Tedial’s evolution to support DAM operations, full audio support is now available in the basic MAM. Tedial™ Evolution offers tight Integration with rights management systems to ensure media is rights aware.


Extended Business Process Management Services

Business Process Management services have been extended to reinforce collaboration, allowing several users to work with the same asset. New collaborative processes can be defined using an extended library of foundation workflows and activities.


UHD support

Tedial provides efficient content management for UHD, managing multi-file formats (DPX), external audio tracks and HD proxy in a simple and intuitive way. UHD optimized workflows minimize media transfer in the network. Long-term archive management provides ultra-efficient storage management for all UHD footage, including master media that might not be required for delivery but must be saved for posterity.


Tedial™ Evolution Embraces IMF standard

Always adopting SMPTE and IT standards as the best way to address the need to future proof the development of world-class software tools, Tedial has implemented the IMF schema within its MAM and workflow systems, as well as the AMWA FIMS AS-11 specifications. Tedial supports the SPMTE standards of MXF, BXF and AXF and the BPMN 2.0 Notation standard for enhanced interoperability.


New Tiffen Steadicam M-1 looms large in Japan

Tokyo, Japan; 30th September 2015:  TOHO Studios, the legendary Tokyo production house responsible for the original Godzilla and its current remake, as well as Seven Samurai, directed by Akira Kurosawa, has purchased the new Tiffen Steadicam M-1 camera stabiliser for all its current and future feature projects.

Senior Cameraman Kosuke Yamada has been looking at the M-1 since its launch, and was further excited about bringing a rig to Japan after he completed the 6 Day SOA (Steadicam Operators Association) Classic workshop in the US with Jerry Holway and Steadicam’s inventor Garrett Brown. Assisting him on the language front during the workshop was Tiffen / Steadicam’s US sales manager Dan Ikeda, one of Tiffen’s senior workshop instructors.

Yamada-san’s experience as a cinematographer was gained well before the SOA workshop, with a 13 year camera assistant’s path at TOHO Studios leading four years ago to the top job as TOHO’s Cinematographer.

We asked why he had chosen the M-1:

“The first reason was its stability. When I used the M-1 for the first time at the SOA workshop, I felt a firm sense of stability that I had never felt before. No matter how much lighter cameras become, the quality of the image largely depends on its stability in use.”
 "The M-1 can accommodate various shooting styles and equipment, and I think this is perhaps the biggest strength of it, but also very important is the ease with which you can achieve dynamic balance and smoothness of the gimbal.”

“A further reason was the modular design.  Unlike the USA, it is difficult for us to customize our rigs here in Japan as we often do not have enough information or equipment,  but with the M-1, we can upgrade it later if it is necessary. We are really impressed and happy with it.”

TOHO’s M-1 stabiliser is the first to be delivered to an Asia-based customer, beating Taiwan by a day. A recent showing of the M1 at Beijing BIRTV broadcast exhibition has already resulted in more systems going to Chinese broadcasters and film-makers.

All Tiffen M-1 systems in Asia have been ordered with the Fawcett Exovest. The supportive exoskeleton design of Exovest frees the chest from constraint by providing support on the hip and shoulder. The industry’s benchmark ISO-Elastic G70X arm completes the package, making M-1 the most advanced stabiliser in feature production.

The Steadicam M1 system was supplied by Tiffen’s Japanese distributor, Gin-ichi Corp, who boast Steadicam factory support training, offering local time-zone support to TOHO and broadcasters like NHK, CX Fuji and TV Asahi who have purchased Steadicam Archer 2, Zephyr and Shadow stabilisers over the last two years.


The M-1 Steadicam is the result of seven generations of experience, innovation, engineering skills, technological advances and invaluable feedback from the users. It’s the strongest and most robust Steadicam of all. The ‘M’ stands for modular, and this is the most modular Steadicam ever. You can start with the simplest post and upgrade later to the full rig.
The new M-1 camera stage is built around strength and high load precision with centre drives for superior rigidity with an optional vernier fingertip tilt adjustment – no tools needed.
The G-70x Elastic Arm is highly durable, performance adjustable, and offers smooth operation with a huge 70lb. lifting capacity and a 29″ boom range. You can move it from lowest to highest position with very little effort.


IRVINE, CA – September 25th, 2015.  Today, RED Digital Cinema unveiled the latest addition to its line of professional cameras, RED RAVEN. Weighing in at only 3.5 pounds, RED RAVEN is RED’s lightest and most compact camera, making it the ultimate choice for a range of applications including documentaries, online content creation, indie filmmaking, and use with drones or gimbals. With pricing that starts at $5,950 for the camera BRAIN® only, and complete packages under $10,000, RED RAVEN reflects RED’s ongoing commitment to the belief that cinema-quality creative tools should not be in the hands of a few—they should be available to all professional shooters.


RED RAVEN is equipped with a 4K RED DRAGON sensor, and is capable of recording REDCODE RAW (R3D) in 4K at up to 120 fps and in 2K at up to 240 fps. RED RAVEN also offers incredible dynamic range, RED’s renowned color science, and is capable of recording REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes simultaneously—ensuring shooters get the best image quality possible in any format. 


"RED RAVEN is a new category in our line up,” says Jarred Land, President of Red Digital Cinema.  “It’s a younger, hungrier, more ‘spirited’ member of the RED family with a bit of a chip on its shoulder, ready to take on the entire sub-$10k market with images that users will be incredibly proud of."


RED RAVEN will begin shipping in February 2016, and deposits will be accepted beginning today. Customers will be given a choice of purchasing the BRAIN only and building a kit that best fits their needs, or choosing a complete package. The RED RAVEN Base I/O Package offers everything content creators need to take their productions to the next level of image quality and professionalism, while the RED RAVEN JETPACK Package is specifically designed for use with handheld gimbals, drones, jibs and cranes. 


4 RED RAVEN BRAIN ONLY – $5,950 ($500 deposit) – ships February 2016


4 RED RAVEN JETPACK PACKAGE – $9,750 ($1,000 deposit) – ships February 2016

o   Includes a RED RAVEN BRAIN, JETPACK, Battery Belt Clip, RED MINI-MAG 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC Power Adaptor, and DSMCOutrigger Handle.


4 RED RAVEN I/O PACKAGE – $9,950 ($1,000 deposit) – ships March 2016

o   Includes a RED RAVEN BRAIN, Base I/O V-Lock Expander, RED MINI-MAG 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC Power Adaptor, and DSMCOutrigger Handle.


Deposits can be made online at RED.com, or through a RED Authorized Dealer.


London, UK, September 24, 2015: Custom Consoles reports enthusiastic response from IBC2015 visitors to its new MediaPost monitor display system and the latest version of the EditOne desk.

"In terms of business confidence, this was one of our most successful IBC shows for many years," reports Custom Consoles Business Director Graham Buchanan. "The European mainland market is particularly healthy with many new broadcast projects planned for the coming 12 months. We also also spoke with many broadcasters from the UK and a larger than usual number from the Middle East.

"IBC2015 was the first public showing of MediaPost. This is a free-standing portable monitor mount matching the styling and rugged build quality of our established and very popular MediaWall. MediaPost can be moved easily around a studio or used to supplement an existing control room monitorscape. MediaPost accommodates monitor panels of up to 65 inch diagonal screen size and auxiliary devices such as loudspeakers. Applications include studio floor monitoring, script display prompts and in-view studio backgrounds."

Each MediaPost is constructed from extruded aluminium profiles, black or silver anodised, forming a 1,806 millimetre high rigid column. These are supported by a 700 mm wide x 590 mm front-to-back base fitted with rear wheels to allow easy positioning. The base and a middle-height equipment shelf are finished in a matte black powder coating. Loudspeaker mounts are available if required.

An optional horizontal beam matches the finish of the vertical columns. MediaPost is fully height-adjustable to ensure sight lines are optimised when using tilting screen mounts. Cables can be fully concealed behind removable covers. Like MediaWall, MediaPost comes with a two-year guarantee against component failure during normal use.

"The latest EditOne desk also received an excellent reception, including strong interest from a high-profile US-based organisation," adds Managing Director Neil Reed. "Originally introduced at IBC2013, EditOne was the first in a new range of very aggressively priced technical furniture designed for fast flat-pack delivery. Assembly can be performed quickly and easily by the system integrator or customer. We also offer an on-site assembly service."

Front and rear corners of the EditOne desk and optional pedestal are curved, eliminating any possibility of collision with sharp protrusions and contributing to the ultra-modern styling. The worktop and monitor base also have hard-wearing and operator-friendly curved edges at front, sides and rear. EditOne incorporates three equipment pods with a collective nine units of rack space. These form the base of a monitor shelf. Full cable management is provided. Power distribution is optional. An auxiliary equipment pedestal with an additional 11 units of rack space and an integral worktop is also available.

11th All Africa Games brought to viewers by Globecast and Lagardère Sports

Paris, 24th September 2015 Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has announced today that it has successfully completed a major project with its customer  Lagardère SPORTS to bring comprehensive daily coverage of the 11th All Africa Games to European and African audiences.


The 11th All Africa Games took place from September 4–19 in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. This edition marked the 50th anniversary of the Games – with over 50 countries involved in 22 sports – as well as their return to the Congo.


Globecast was contracted by sports marketing agency Lagardère SPORTS, leader in the management of marketing and audiovisual rights for sports in Europe and Africa.


Globecast provided two flyaway antennas in Brazzaville with dedicated satellite capacity for four contribution feeds (equivalent to 300 hours of satellite time) from the country to France. These four feeds were received in Globecast’s Paris headquarters with London operating as backup.


As well as the technical infrastructure, Globecast also took the four feeds arriving in its Parisian MCR and created a comprehensive single package for broadcasters. This included three language variants – Arabic, French and English. This was achieved using dedicated commentary facilities within Globecast with the programme broadcast for six hours per day using three satellite feeds for European and African broadcasters to retransmit.  On request, the distribution of additional private (unilateral) signals for European and African broadcasters was also made possible.


Michele Gosetti, VP Contribution and Media Services at Globecast, says, “We are very pleased that our contribution expertise – technical, logistical and editorial – has been recognised by Lagardère SPORTS. We have extensive experience of operating across Africa, often in challenging conditions.  With three engineers in Brazzaville and a dozen people dedicated to the operation in our Paris MCR during the All Africa Games, the results were great and this was a successful project.”



Dick Pope, BSC was awarded The Royal Photographic Society’s Lumière Award at The Society’s Awards ceremony last Wednesday 16 September at the Royal Society in London. 


Dick Pope began his career as a documentary film cameraman.  He worked for many companies including the BBC, travelling the world to remote and inaccessible areas including war zones.  He specialised in shooting films about endangered indigenous tribes including Disappearing World, highly political films including World in Action, and also ‘arts’ films including The South Bank Show.


From the early 1980s Pope shot hundreds of concerts and music videos for bands and artists as diverse as Queen, Tina Turner and The Clash.  Moving into feature films in the mid 80s he photographed Porterhouse Blue for which he was BAFTA nominated, and Philip Ridley’s Reflecting SkinIn 1990 Pope was asked by director Mike Leigh to photograph Life is Sweet, beginning a collaboration that has produced ten features including Secrets and Lies, Vera Drake, and Mr Turner. Pope has twice won the top prize at Camerimage, the Festival of the Art of Cinematography for Vera Drake and Secrets & Lies, and in 1999 Leigh and Pope were recognised there with a major award for their career collaboration.  He also won the Silver Frog at the same festival for The Illusionist for which he was also nominated for Academy, ASC and BSC awards.  Amongst many wins and nominations for his work on Mr Turner he was awarded the Prix Vulcaine for the Technical Artist at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and also nominated for Academy, BAFTA, BSC, ASC and British Independent Film Awards.


Pope’s many other credits include films for leading US maverick directors such as Richard Linklater, Barry Levinson, John Sayles and Jill Sprecher.  Recently, in New York, he photographed Angelica for Mitchell Lichtenstein the son of the painter Roy Lichtenstein.  His latest project is Legend about the notorious Kray Brothers, written and directed by Brian Helgeland.

Avid Artist | DNxIO Now Shipping To Meet the Growing Demands of High-Res Content Production

Burlington, MA, September 22, 2015 – Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today announced that Avid Artist | DNxIO, a hardware interface designed to accelerate high-resolution video production, is now shipping, and that customers can save more than 20% when they trade in select systems between now and September 30. Available standalone or bundled with Avid Media Composer®, Avid Artist | DNxIO delivers best-in-class high-res video ingest, editing, monitoring, and output, giving video professionals the flexible, open, and integrated creative tools they need to efficiently create the highest-quality media.

Built on the Avid MediaCentral™ Platform, Avid Artist | DNxIO is compatible with Avid Artist Suite solutions and many third-party creative tools, including Blackmagic Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and more. It includes hardware by Blackmagic Design, a new IO Connectivity Partner for the MediaCentral Platform.

Between now and September 30, customers can save more than 20% on Avid Artist | DNxIO when they trade in Avid Nitris DX or Avid Mojo DX, or selected Open IO hardware from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Matrox and MOTU.

Avid Artist | DNxIO enables video professionals to capture, monitor and output Ultra HD, 2K and 4K media, as well as HD and SD formats. Its flexible form factor fits in standard 19-inch equipment racks for easy integration in equipment rooms, and it’s quiet enough to place on the desk of an edit bay. The HD display allows editors to monitor media that is being ingested into and outputted from the system, even when the software is not running. A host of connections delivers fast switching among a range of input devices and sources for capture, and among a range of monitors and output devices. Hands-on controls allow users to quickly select video, audio, and timecode inputs as well as deck control.

Avid Artist | DNxIO is bundled with the Fusion Connect plugin for Media Composer giving users access to the best-of-breed node-based effects compositing tool from within the Media Composer user interface. Onboard DNxHR encoding for capture workflows will be enabled on DNxIO via a future no-cost firmware update. Updated software for supported creative editorial applications will be required to take advantage of this capability.

Key benefits and features:

  • Capture and playback up to 60 frames per second in HD format.  
  • Work faster and more efficiently with real-time or accelerated encode, decode, colorspace conversion, up conversion, down conversion, and cross conversion with onboard hardware processing
  • Get reliable operation with a redundant power supply
  • Connect to a variety of computers using PCIe or Thunderbolt connections (cables sold separately)
  • Easily integrate with existing workflows using multiple connections, including:
  • Timecode in/out available on board
  • Control the system from external devices using remote control ports
  • Monitor media with confidence using a bright front-panel full 1080HD resolution LCD display
  • Get hands-on control over sources of video, audio, timecode, and remote control signaling
  • Video inputs and outputs
    • 4 SDI in, 4 SDI loop, 4 SDI out and 4 SDI repeated out, providing 12Gb/s in/out with support for single link, dual link and quad link (quad link in coming soon)
    • Dual Optical SDI in/out which support 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s SDI – 12Gb/s support coming soon (modules not included)
    • HDMI in and out
    • Analog video in and out—component and composite
  • Audio inputs and outputs
    • Balanced analog audio—4 channels in, 4 channels out
    • AES/EBU—2 channels in, 2 channels out
    • Consumer Hi-Fi inputs for MP3 players and other devices
    • Front panel features mic input with 48V phantom power, mic level control, headphone connection, and headphone level control


Avid Artist | DNxIO is available now as a standalone solution for existing Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Resolve and Fusion customers, or bundled with Media Composer to provide a complete turnkey high-resolution solution.

SIS LIVE signs distribution agreement for Eutelsat Broadband’s NewsSpotter satellite newsgathering service

23rd September 2015 – SIS LIVE, leading broadcast connectivity supplier, has signed a distribution agreement with Eutelsat Broadband to use and resell its innovative NewsSpotter newsgathering service.

SIS LIVE offers a diverse range of occasional use and fixed connectivity solutions for critical media content. This includes a robust fibre-based media network, satellite services, global distribution and the largest mobile uplink fleet in Europe. The company also designs and manufactures an innovative range of satellite terminals.

The NewsSpotter service, provided via Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite, has transformed the ease and economics of satellite newsgathering. The latest generation of lightweight equipment, with guaranteed bandwidth up to 10 Mbps, supports transmissions of live video and audio in SD and HD.

David Meynell, Managing Director, at SIS LIVE, said: “Alongside our range of innovative satellite products, NewsSpotter will provide clients with a robust satellite connection at short notice and at any location, ideal for mobile live news coverage, sports events and blue light responders or disaster recovery.”

“Flexibility and mobility are at the heart of the NewsSpotter service and the adoption of our technology by Europe’s most respected outside broadcast solutions provider is a further endorsement of the revolutionary effect that NewsSpotter is having on the industry,” said Steve Petrie, Sales Director for Northern Europe for Eutelsat Broadband.

As a completely IP-based service, NewsSpotter is adapted for quickly deploying and sending live video/audio news feeds, enabling broadband Internet access and high-speed store-and-forward files and FTP. Bandwidth can be reserved on a pay-as-you-go basis through an online booking system, whilst also offering an always on background broadband Internet access service. Simply log in and enter your terminal number, location, time slot and the desired bandwidth is exclusively allocated.

SIS LIVE’s NewsSpotter approved terminals are built to a very high quality, compact and

lightweight for ease of transportation, simple to operate by non-engineers and provide high value throughout the term of ownership.

The tripod and vehicle mount terminals are available in a range of sizes and available with fully-automated and manual acquisition.

UEI introduces Simply Smarter Control

The Netherlands ― Monday 21 September 2015 ― Universal Electronics, the worldwide leader in universal remote control technologies and control interfaces, unveils its latest ground-breaking all-in-one pay TV remote, Smart Control BLE®.


The Smart Control remote brings users fully in sync with their home entertainment system, controlling all devices as one. The innovative control can detect and automatically connect to all devices within the home entertainment stack, using UEI’s widely-adopted QuickSet® technology, which is currently deployed in over 150 million devices around the world. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, QuickSet 3.0 leverages the two-way RF link between the remote and set-top to automatically configure control protocols for auto-discovered devices, to control virtually any television or entertainment device in the home, with minimal user input.


The Smart Control remote includes voice and motion control technology for complete ease of use. The voice control feature delivers accurate and intuitive content search, based on key words, film titles or actors, while motion control allows users to navigate by pointing at the screen. Motion technology also helps the user easily select GUI functionality in the hot corners of the TV screen, or when playing games from the app portal, with the 6-axis motion engine enriching the whole gaming experience.


The remote control integrates the latest technology and functionality based on true consumer insights and includes the latest design trends, state-of-the-art materials, finishes and form factors. The ultra-thin design is available in different colours such as the ivory-white-champagne or the black-velvet-chrome.


Menno Koopmans, senior VP subscription broadcasting, Universal Electronics says: “There is a demand from pay TV operators for a remote control suited to video on demand and interactive applications that encourages consumers to explore the many services offered. And we’ve delivered just that.


“Smart Control has been designed specifically for interactivity and to improve user experience in navigating TV apps and finding content across all your video catalogues. We have created a product for pay TV service operators, that tunes in to their services and content with the touch of just one button and better still, it does this automatically. That’s what we call simply, smarter control.”