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FilmLight showcases latest solutions at SET 2014

LONDON — 20 August 2014: FilmLight, alongside local partner PSK, will demonstrate how its technology is helping broadcasters, movie producers and creative studios shorten timescales without compromising creativity or quality at the SET Expo 2014 taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 24-27 2014 (PSK booth D18).

“We have achieved significant success across the region in recent years and SET is a great platform to demonstrate FilmLight’s cost-effective and highly productive solutions, available at every stage of the workflow,” said Francisco Monje, LATAM Sales Manager, FilmLight. “Collaborative working allows our customers to be more creative and remain confident that all their decisions will be securely captured and preserved in their final deliverables.”

FilmLight manages colour from set to screen. On display at SET 2014 will be FLIP, the real-time image processor for on-set grading of digital cameras, and Baselight DAILIES. Baselight DAILIES is an exciting new addition to FilmLight’s colour range, designed for mobile post-production on location.

Visitors will also be able to see Baselight Editions, which takes the colour processing engine from full Baselight workstations and implements it as a plugin within the foremost professional editing and VFX packages—including Avid, Final Cut Pro and NUKE, with more planned. The grade can be exchanged and adjusted simultaneously between editorial and effects as well as the colour suite, in a highly efficient and render-free workflow.

The integrated workflow ends on a full Baselight system for professional finishing. At SET 2014, FilmLight will showcase Baselight ONE, the complete and cost-effective grading and finishing solution that combines powerful fully-featured Baselight software and dedicated high performance hardware.

Facilities around the world have chosen FilmLight systems to power their end-to-end colour pipeline. Most recently Brazil’s largest broadcaster TV GLOBO turned to FilmLight and Baselight to handle 4K Ultra High Definition TV series’.

SET Expo 2014 is taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from August 24-27 2014 and FilmLight’s solutions will be on display on the PSK booth (D18).


dock10 to provide dedicated Match Centre for Professional Game Match Officials Ltd

Manchester, UK – 20th August 2014 – dock10, the MediaCityUK-based media services provider, announced today that it is providing a Match Centre, including a dedicated viewing and edit/send facility for the Professional Game Match Officials Ltd (PGMOL). This enables the PGMOL, run by General Manager Mike Riley and supported by former-referees, to have instant access to multi-game footage and be able to respond to questions arising from key incidents straight away.


dock10 has built a purpose built viewing set up in their studio and post production facility in MediaCityUK, so a small team of match officials can view all Premier League matches simultaneously. The referees, including former top-flight referees Dermot Gallagher and Howard Webb following the announcement of his decision to retire from refereeing last week, have been trained to be able to capture, clip up and upload all incidents.


Paul Austin, Head of Post Production & Content at dock10 comments; “We are now offering AVID Central UX to many clients and this is a perfect example of one of the many workflow efficiencies it can offer. We are thrilled to be providing the PGMOL with this service as we have been able to combine the latest technology, our in-house support services and our expertise in sports broadcasting.”

One Man Animates $80m Movie

LONDON, ENGLAND, August 20, 2014 /Kory Martin Juul is a one-man movie making machine.

For the past four years, the Hollywood visual effects artist – whose screen credits include "Avatar" and films in the "Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars" and "Matrix" series – has almost single-handedly animated a Pixar-style feature film called "White Tiger Legend." An Indiegogo online fundraising campaign has been launched to see this project through its final stages of animation, rendering, and scoring the soundtrack.

"If we can presell 50,000 DVDs, BluRays, Ebooks or soundtracks in the next 45 days," Juul said, "we can finish this and get it into Cannes and eventually theaters."

A film like this would ordinarily cost about $80 million, but Juul is planning to bring it in with a production budget of about 1% of that total by using new technology and doing many jobs himself. "If people want to see original groundbreaking stories, crowdfunding is where it’s headed," Juul said. "With Indiegogo, millions of people around the globe can be a part of which films get made. It’s exciting."

He continued: "$80 million – that’s how much a movie of ‘White Tiger Legend’s’ scale would cost a studio. It’s too much risk, and that’s the reason they keep making sequels, franchises, and reboots. I had to figure out another way."

The resulting solo mission took him up thousands of steps in Wudang, China and got him altitude sick in Tibet. He even left his body in the Amazon jungle. Footage from these exotic locations has been deftly woven into an hour-and-forty-minute action/adventure film.

In talking about his inspiration, Juul said: "On ‘Avatar,’ we were working alongside a very elaborate pre-visualization. It was the sets, characters, performances, even the lighting direction. It was unfinished, but you could watch it. James Cameron constantly referenced it whenever an artist had a question – because he had thought it through already, and he could show them. Seeing that was the key for me. I felt like I was up against a wall, trying to explain how ‘White Tiger Legend,’ even though it was martial arts, wasn’t like every other Kung Fu movie out there. Here was a tool I could use to show them, show them how we were unique. So that’s what I did. I ‘pre-vized’ a whole movie."

Juul turned to a technology from Phasespace Motion Capture to capture his body movements. "They have suits that light up, and each light flickers at its own frequency," he said. "This drastically reduces the number of people required to fix fast and complex acrobatic motions. It also allowed me to run the system on my own."

The suit allowed Juul to perform over 30 different characters for over 2200 shots. The capturing process took him 20 weeks, and a further 16 months to assemble the first edit.

As a trained Bok Fu Black belt, Juul was also able to choreograph nine fights for the film – fighting against himself.

"I could go full speed, without fear of hitting anyone else, or pulling any punches," he said. "Normally with fight scenes you’re confined to certain camera angles – to keep the appearance of contact – but with motion capture, you can reposition the motions to create contact after the fact, and put the camera wherever you want – it’s total freedom."

Thirty voice-over actors were then assembled from the theater, video games, and independent film to breathe life into the characters.

"The actors’ performances make it real," Juul said. "We held rehearsals and they delved into the worlds of their characters. I then moved my body in sync with their decisions, and performed the resulting fight scenes. I’m their digital stunt double essentially."

With the pre-visualization completed, the unknowns have been addressed.

"The pre-viz absolutely reduces the risk," Juul said. "There’s no more question if it’s going to be good. Anyone can watch it and be swept away. It’s rudimentary, but it’s captivating. That’s what you want at this stage. Now we make it look better, but it doesn’t work the other way around. There are lots of films out there that look great, but may not be that engaging."

To make sure the scope of his vision came across, Juul began capturing the film sets. Google maps and Panoramio were used to scour China for physical locations to match every scene in the film. Juul then traveled 2500 miles for 30 days through four provinces, despite not speaking a word of Mandarin.

"It was the trip of a lifetime," he said. "I slept on overnight trains and would get up and hike a mountain or go hang off the edge of a waterfall. Being solo was definitely an advantage, as I needed to move quickly through places that would be difficult, or places that might draw a lot of attention with a large crew. I ended up shooting all 54 locations."

Will a large enough crowd be reached in time?

"That’s the question. The pre-visualization is already bringing test audiences to tears, so I’m bringing it on my end. I also know the sequel will cost $100 million."

Get your DVD, BluRay, eBook, or Exclusive 5.1 Soundtrack by supporting the Indiegogo online fundraising campaign: http://igg.me/at/whitetiger


Watch One Man Animate a Feature – China to Tibet and New Zealand + 3 min of animated footage :
Phasespace Motion Capture Systems : http://www.phasespace.com

PlayBox Technology Asia Pacific extends Service & Support reach with new offices for Jakarta and Thailand

London, UK, August 20, 2014: PlayBox Technology announces two major additions to its global network of Service & Support Centres. The new offices will provide engineering and training for new and existing customers in Thailand and Indonesia. 

The Service & Support Centre for Thailand is located at 4/707 Block.B moo.7, Soi.Navamin, 68 Navamin Road, Klongkhum Bungkhum, Bangkok 10230. Telephone: +662 944-9139. It is scheduled to open on September 1.

Nut Deesamer, PlayBox Technology Service and Support Centre Manager for Thailand, comments:

"After-sales support is particularly important in this country as practically every broadcast station here is on air 24/7. Annual maintenance and support ensure the smooth running of each station’s output. Our primary focus will be on providing equipment upgrades as or when required, plus training for newly hired station operators. Before the launch of any new channel, we will be called to check and confirm on the file formats being used and to provide recommendations appropriate to the station’s post-production equipment and playout servers. We also advise on issues such as quality control where all the contents in a schedule are checked before being sent to the playout servers. This will ensure that issues such as loss of audio, bad files and skipped frames are detected before playout."

The Service & Support Centre for Indonesia is located at Casa Verde Building, Jalan Mampang Prapatan Raya No 17, Blok I-J-K Lantai 3, Mampang, Jakarta Selatan, 12790. Telephone +6221 794 7113

"Our team is ready to provide high grade technical service and operational assistance to all PlayBox Technology users across the country, including training for new personnel and refresh instruction if needed," adds Indonesia Service & Support Centre Manager, Stefanus Tandra. "Pre-sales service will include project consultation from initial planning to completion, plus full post-sale support during the guarantee period and, if required, on a long-term basis."

TV App Platform Launches for Small Business Video Marketing

San Jose, CA   August 19, 2014 ILOOK, an over-the-top (OTT) TV platform that converts YouTube channels into dedicated mobile video apps, is excited to announce the launch of their TV App platform for small businesses.

Small businesses in any industry can now strengthen their current video marketing strategies by launching branded video content across screens in a TV-like manner through fully dedicated apps. ILOOK believes this will place small organizations on a level playing field, allowing them to act like major brands by being able to enliven their current YouTube efforts and supercharge their content into a multiscreen television app at no cost. With one billion unique users visiting YouTube each month and spending more than six billion hours watching video, allowing global audiences easy access to watch a brand with no barriers is a major benefit for smaller organizations.

With the launch of this platform, ILOOK seamlessly takes the YouTube content of small businesses and automatically transfers it into a new app that is available on mobile and TV screens. This allows for the amplification of an organization’s brand and content marketing initiatives. Companies needing to stay competitive in the industry now have a vehicle to promote all their branded content and social videos in one place—a TV App. So while only 24% of national brands are using online video to market to consumers, online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer internet traffic by 2016. ILOOK is helping small businesses tap into this potential.

Through TV Apps, businesses are able to expose their brand to new audiences and create new brand followers by giving them one easy access point. Because the TV App is 100% their brand, businesses can market it as their own app. According to TMG Custom Media, 90% of consumers find branded and custom content useful, while 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them. Small companies are now able to build these relationships without getting lost in the immense YouTube shuffle for social videos. Instead they are at the forefront, sitting on viewer’s devices next to CNN and MTV.

Peter Redford, ILOOK’s CEO says that for most businesses, branding and location go hand in hand. “ILOOK OTT offers both – a branded video app that behaves like a TV network and is located on the mobile screen right next to other TV Apps like MTV and CNN," he says.

To automatically create their own TV App, a business simply logs into their YouTube channel fromhttp://www.ilook.tv. A week later, the app is available in mobile app stores where it can be downloaded by clients and customers. The ILOOK OTT technology is supported by the Apple App Store, with Android support coming later this year.

Studio Film School Announces Red Carpet Premiere

A popular children’s film activities and workshop studio has announced plans to hold a series of ‘Red Carpet Premieres’ showcasing some of the fantastic films made by its students over the summer. Scheduled for September at Curzon Cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue, the exclusive Studio Film School events give talented young film makers and performers the chance to show off their hard work to a VIP audience of friends and family.

The premieres will be held across four separate screenings taking place on the mornings of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7thSeptember. The events will screen four hours worth of short films made by over 200 young filmmakers participating in the weekly Saturday Film Shoot classes and Summer Film Shoot holiday programmes.

Welcoming students aged between four and 18, Studio Film School is a great way for children to learn new technical skills, explore their creativity, grow self-confidence and make new friends. The special ‘Red Carpet Premiere’ screening is a wonderful opportunity to boost the confidence of students and reward them for their hard work and dedication.

Dan Farrell, Director of Studio Film School said, “We love putting on red carpet screening premieres and watching the faces of our students light up when they see their creations up on the big screen. They work so hard throughout the year and it’s a fantastic way to reward them for their efforts.”

Making a special appearance at the screening are pieces from the Summer Film Shoot workshop held earlier this year. The workshop was one of the most popular classes of 2014, treating students to intensive five day workshops with a range of inspirational themes. ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ focussed on producing side splitting comedies while the ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ workshop unravelled the secrets of the golden greats. Roles included screenwriting, directing, camera operating, set designing, editing, acting, resulting in a dynamic selection of final products including a Singin’ in the Rain inspired musical, Alfred Hitchcock style detective thriller and The Wizard of Oz tribute.

The young filmmakers of the Saturday Film Shoots will also be screening their masterpieces which were created across 10 Saturday sessions. With a cyborg sci-fi film, stop-motion animation and doll themed creepy horror film all on the schedule, the show is sure to be a hit with parents, siblings and friends alike.

Thanks to the huge success of the summer workshops, Studio Film School has confirmed the launch of a series of new Saturday classes commencing on September 27th. Sessions are based in the London areas of Balham and Highgate and will be run for two hours on Saturday mornings. Aimed at children aged between seven and 18, the small classes are designed to help students develop practical skills, creativity and confidence as filmmakers. Each term includes a DVD as well as tickets to the annual Red Carpet Premiere.

Each Saturday class will be held by two DBS certified staff that are specially trained to oversee workshops that are fun, inspiring and informative. This gives parents the peace of mind that their children are receiving the highest standard of film-making education London has to offer. As the weather cools down, the new Studio Film School Saturday classes are the perfect way to keep kids entertained and productive as the winter months roll in.

The premieres will take place on Saturday September 6 from 10am-11am (Saturday Film Shoots – Balham) and 11am-12 (Summer Film Shoot – Balham) and Sunday September 7 from 10am-11am (Saturday Film Shoots and Summer Film Shoot – Highgate) and 11am-12 Summer Film Shoot (Balham).

To find out more about Studio Film School, the Red Carpet Premiere screening and the exciting new Saturday sessions, visit the website at: www.studiofilmschool.co.uk/StudioFilmSchool/Film_Workshops_for_Kids.…  


Ericsson awarded 5th EmmyR Award for JPEG2000 interoperability

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today announced it will receive a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for its work in developing pioneering JPEG2000 interoperability technology. This is Ericsson’s fifth Emmy® Award recognition and it will be formally presented to the company at a ceremony on January 8th, 2015 at the Bellagio Hotel during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA.

Ericsson has consistently championed the industry need to support open standards to foster better integration of different vendor technologies, and its groundbreaking work in pushing forward JPEG2000 interoperability is demonstrable evidence of this. Ericsson has worked closely with other vendors to define the parameters and necessary methodologies for JPEG2000 interoperability in order to overcome the issues of video ecosystems containing different proprietary solutions. Ericsson also participated in a number of testing events where its equipment demonstrated full interoperability.

Per Borgklint, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Support Solutions, Ericsson said: "We are truly delighted to be awarded with a fifth Emmy® Award. This award underlines how committed Ericsson is to developing industry-wide standardization and vendor interoperability. By enabling JPEG2000 interoperability, we are giving content owners, broadcasters and TV service providers the necessary technologies and infrastructures to evolve their IP video services for the delivery of richer and broader TV experiences for consumers."

JPEG2000 is a compression standard that is widely used in broadcast applications where high capacity networks are available. The technology enables the distribution of very high picture quality content for live events like sports, offering a cost-effective method of high bit-rate content delivery over IP. Although JPEG2000 compression has been used for almost 10 years, issues with interoperability hindered its solution effectiveness. Consequently, efforts to improve its interoperability were initiated with formal testing following the issuing of a Technical Recommendation by the Video Services Forum in April 2013.

VideoFlow PR: DVP replaces satellite backup and slashes costs

Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel — 18 August 2014 – Teleradio Padre Pio, an Italian broadcaster, is now using VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) technology to replace the expensive satellite backup solution that it had been using for its fibre connection.  VideoFlow’s technology enabled the transport of high quality, live content over the Internet so that annual connection costs are around a tenth of using a satellite connection.  The one-off capital costs are low providing an ROI of only a few months.


Nicola Palazzo, Managing Director at PSE, an Italian system integrator, explained; "We maintain and service the uplink and distribution system for Teleradio Padre Pio and, as part of that contract, we are always looking for ways to improve and reduce costs.  Over the past year, we have been working closely with VideoFlow’s Italian distributor, Diem Technologies, to test and evaluation how effective and robust VideoFlow’s technology is in a variety of real world conditions where the quality of the network connection can vary.  It passed every test we put the VideoFlow solution through delivering robust, stable high quality video by accurately correcting for packet losses and eliminating packet jitter during transit over the Internet.  This gave us the confidence to recommend replacing the satellite-based backup with the VideoFlow over Internet solution.  A 24×7 service demands reliable backup hence you have to know that the backup will work every time!"


Teleradio Padre Pio (http://www.teleradiopadrepio.it) broadcasts to over two million followers in the EU.  Content such as coverage of celebrations, festivals, special events etc., is generated in the company’s studios in San Giovanni Rotondo in Southern Italy and then sent to Telespazio dish farm in Avezzano some 500 km to the West where it is sent onto a satellite for distribution across Europe.  The connection between San Giovanni Rotondo and Avezzano uses a dedicated fibre connection that is now backed up by VideoFlow’s solution.  This uses a pair of VideoFlow DVP10s linked by a 2MB/s Internet connection.


Padre Mariano Di Vito, President of Teleradio Padre Pio, commented that the links were costing them a fortune and that Teleradio Padre PIO is constantly looking at optimizing the operational costs hence looking for a solution that will reduce the cost of video delivery without compromising the quality of the service.


Eran Shalev, VideoFlow’s VP of Marketing, explained, "The real proof came when the main fibre connection went down a couple of times for several hours and the VideoFlow connection took over without any break in transmission or change of quality.  The high confidence in the VideoFlow technology means that Teleradio Padre Pio is now considering replacing the main connection with a VideoFlow solution for even more savings as well as using VideoFlow technology to protect the quality of an Internet connection between San Giovanni Rotondo and EWTN, a global catholic network, in Irondale, Alabama, USA."


Mrs. Ronit Kalujny, VideoFlow’s CEO, added, "Teleradio Padre Pio is our latest addition to VideoFlow’s growing religious broadcasting vertical.  The eco system of the religious broadcasting is changing with the ability to now utilise unreliable networks as a reliable transport for delivering broadcast quality video and reach new audiences and followers.  Our DVP product line delivers high quality, live content over unreliable, unmanaged networks, including the Internet, making it a reliable communication channel for broadcasters at a fraction of the costs of current legacy systems.  As our installed customer base continue to grow, it becomes easier and easier for prospective customers to see for themselves how reliable and effective our solution is.  Seeing is believing."


VideoFlow DVP units

Marquis Introduces Project Parking for Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl

18 August 2014: Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software has announced the introduction of Project Parking for Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Appliance.  The integrated solution now allows permanent deep archive or transfer of Avid projects. 


“Our edit shared storage management software, Project Parking, provides tools to analyse, manage and optimise Avid online shared storage with extensive and secure archive/transfer of Avid Projects and associated media to BlackPearl,” explains Simon Fearn, product manager, Marquis Broadcast.  “With the support of BlackPearl, Avid Projects and media are efficiently managed between Avid shared storage and BlackPearl deep archive. The combined solution provides flexibility when optimising Avid media and projects ensuring assets are secure and instantly accessible via BlackPearl.


“In this way daily, weekly shared storage administration processes are speeded-up, enabling personnel to focus on critical or revenue making tasks,” confirms Fearn.  “It also frees-up valuable edit storage space, providing more head-room to accommodate new projects.”


The new solution enables whole projects, sequences, all the media files or just the bins that are important to be parked or taken off-line.  Projects can be brought back easily or deep archived directly into Spectra® T-Series libraries thanks to the new integration.


Spectra Logic works with partners like Marquis to bring highly scalable, tightly integrated solutions that increase efficiencies for broadcast environments,” said Matt Starr, chief technology officer of Spectra Logic. “Marquis Project Parking users can now leverage a low cost, easy-to-deploy solution to bring archive capabilities into Avid environments. The complete solution lets users affordably archive and edit very large amounts of video files with the integrated BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance.”



Marquis has recently analysed and documented the costs of managing projects on shared storage – illustrating how Project Parking is fundamentally the most cost effective approach available in the industry today. Marquis has looked at four perspectives of how Project Parking saves users money and explored how with regular use of Project Parking’s optimisation of shared storage users can facilitate greater throughput hence driving increased revenues. 

Russia’s Supreme Hockey League Purchases VidOvation In-Net GoalView GoalCam System for Arena Sever Stadium

Irvine, CA, August 12th, 2014 – VidOvation, a leading manufacturer of video and data communication systems to the broadcast television, sports, corporate audio-visual, and government markets, announced today that Russia’s Supreme Hockey League (VHL) has purchased its In-Net GoalView GoalCam system for the Arena Sever Krasnoyarsk Stadium, located in Krasnoyarsk City, Russia.  The stadium received the league’s official nomination as the “The best equipped arena”.

The GoalCam system will be installed and maintained by SportsSolutions, a systems integration company that provides equipment and services for stadiums and sports federations in Russia. The company was also one of the major equipment contractors for the Arena Sever Stadium.

The In-Net GoalView GoalCam is a wireless in-goal camera/transmitter and receiver system used to capture and broadcast live video of the goal line for officiating and instant replay verification. The self-contained system utilizes an extended range 60GHz wireless platform to deliver uncompressed and un-coded 1.5G HD-SDI broadcast quality video with no bit or resolution manipulation to a corresponding receiver. The RF transmitter and camera unit  is integrated into a custom, ruggedized and water-resistant housing with an extruded aluminum tube with polycarbonate shock resistant and shatter proof domes on each end. An integrated safety and quick release positive registration bracket allows rapid and easy adjustment to all mounting applications. The GoalView GoalCam incorporates internal Lithium-ion batteries to support up to 5 hours of operation per charge for easy mobility. The receiver unit mounts overhead to receive the 1.5 G HD-SDI signal using two BNC re-clocked HD-SDI outputs.

"We’re excited to see our In-Net GoalView GoalCam system installed in such a prestigious stadium as the Arena Sever," said Jim Jachetta, president and CEO of VidOvation. "Our GoalCam systems have been in constant use by the NHL for many years and the technology has proven itself time and time again on the hockey battlefield to withstand some of the hardest hitting shots from the NHL players. We are positive that the camera system will quickly prove itself to the officiating staff of the VHL and home team Sokol Krasnoyarsk in helping to review disputed goals during every game."

"VidOvation’s GoalCam system is the best real-time in-goal wireless camera verification system on the market," added SportsSolutions’ Chief Technical Officer, Alexey Pivovarov, who worked at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. "Because of its rugged construction, portability and small footprint, we look forward to its acceptance in other major Russian sports venues, stadiums and arenas."

The Russian city of Krasnoyarsk was officially named the host city of the 2019 Winter University Games. Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Sergey Alekseev, recognized the Arena Sever Krasnoyarsk Stadium as the most comfortable ice arena in the league last year.  The In-Net GoalView GoalCam system will be used for hockey goal line replay at the Arena Sever Krasnoyarsk Stadium.